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Hair Mineral Analysis

  • The Purposes of Getting your Hair Mineral Analysis Tested

    Q & A: Are you wondering whether or not it's worthwhile to conduct a hair analysis, either a reliable person who knows that minerals are good for you, be it a medical division or practitioner recommended it, or perhaps someone who knows you found the report helpful, however, all experts recognise that some elements can be toxic. Can you tell me if it's accurate, and explain how it works?

    'Hair Mineral Analysis' is a laboratory-screening test that measures the trace element levels and mineral content status of a hair sample.

    Getting a specialist understanding of what your body's needs are is easy, with hair mineral analysis testing; the kit can provide many benefits; for example, I learned first-hand about poisoning from mercury, when I discovered it had leached in to my body from amalgam fillings.

    My experience is that it is very simple to perform; a hair mineral analysis test reveals a wide range of minerals and can determine toxic metal levels, however, most people don’t realise how well this all round test provides insights in to how you can increase energy and cognitive performance, if you know how to interpret it.

    Minerals are essential for maintaining your existence, when a person is deficient in nutrients and minerals; Hair mineral analysis, reveals and explains how chemical toxicity and nutrient and mineral imbalance, can influence your health.

    Tests with support from one of the people who really knows how to check your hair minerals to see if you are low on some or high on others, measure toxic element levels and who explains why, a nutritionist.

    This sophisticated home test offers you and your family the very best way to keep track of your mineral state. Successfully monitor mineral supplementation to reach your full potential with this test in the UK for hair mineral analysis: read an honest and unbiased top positive and critical customer ratings & comments roundup (people found this helpful).

Sample analysis report interpretation (profile -2)


Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA): Evaluating the proportion of nutrient minerals and their relative ratios, how they influence the body’s cell functions and have a drastic effect on bodily performance and mental capabilities.

The objectives of the HTMA as a report: Hair analysis is a test in which a sample of human hair-usually from the back of the head-is mailed to a laboratory for measurement of its mineral content. Afterwards you monitor the benefits of specific supplementation to balance the body’s chemistry and enhance cell performance with periodic rechecks of hair mineral levels.

Evaluation: How best to interpret and understand the charts is easy, the results from the laboratory test provide you with a detailed, quantitative visual graph. This is why it is so much better to achieve nutritional equilibrium sensibly utilising hair mineral analysis. Having now seen clearly each category analysed, to gauge the biochemistry, additional and toxic elements becomes easy, with each exposed in their own table.

What can hair mineral analysis detect?

Mineral tests are only able to offer an insight in to your body's chemistry; you do not use it as a method to diagnose disease but rather a screening test. That being said, trace elements hair analysis can be used to give you an insight in to the status of mineral deficiencies and imbalances or assessing toxic metals toxicity.

Assessment for this reason can potentially highlight adverse effects on a number of biological processes. For example, a stressful situation can deplete minerals from our bodies. A hair mineral analysis can help you research and be useful for visualising chemical imbalances that can affect your body biochemistry.

What are the potential symptoms of mineral depletion and toxic elements? 
The symptoms of a depleted minerals and toxic elements in the body are varied; they can play a part in a number of biological processes:
Adrenal fatigueAdrenal dysfunction
Thyroid dysfunctionDepression
Protein synthesisHypertension
Hair lossHormones
EnergyAppearance and skin
InflammationSensitive stomach
Kidney and liver stressIntestinal cramps
Blood sugar imbalancesTiredness and fatigue
Yeast infectionsAutism
ADHD in childrenImmune system
Excessive acidityFluid balance
AcneWeight gain
FertilityWater retention

This is by no means a complete and comprehensive list of disorders affected by minerals and toxins, but gives you an indication.

Summary: Here's some of the potential gains:

  1. Adjusting the metabolism can help burn fat (weight loss).
  2. Enhanced and improved cognitive function.
  3. Promote feelings of increased physical energy and emotional well-being.
  4. Detect food sensitivity and food intolerances.
  5. Regulate or improve endocrine activity, muscular functions, enzyme activity, cellular metabolism, nerve conduction, alkaline balance, skeletal integrity, reproductive processes, immune response and anti-oxidisation.

Summary: Here's some of the people who may gain from hair mineral analysis:

  1. Sportsmen or woman who wants to reach the peak of physical performance.
  2. People in intellectually demanding stressful jobs.
  3. Students studying for exams that requires mental clarity and thinking with a clear mind.

Prevention is better than cure and with hair, mineral analysis you have a tool that is a validated technique for; checking samples of hair for elements and help you to plan and take steps to improve or restore your health. You can begin to appreciate the advantages of proper scientific nutritional support.

Balancing nutrition and minerals is an ongoing process that you can undertake before you become sick or ill. You can start today and discover how you can take control of your health.

What is included with the hair test?

  • You will receive a list of up to 11 pages of analysis, pinpointing dietary recommendations
  • As well as a suggested, nutritional supplements course (if required).
  • The analytical research, labs report also contains two pages of charts.
  • Discussion and support from our nutritionist (via email) is included.
  • Referring to the high/low ratios of 37 separate elements is easy.
  • The unit of measurement is in ten parts per million (ppm).

Download a sample analysis – Free Now

Don’t forget to download this Hair-Mineral-Analysis.pdf to preview the patient written report.

Preview this guide and overview to balancing your minerals, hair analysis it only takes a second. A hair mineral analysis is step 1 to understanding your bodies’ biochemistry.

How do I conduct the test?

Here’s how to cut hair for a hair mineral analysis.

The mineral test kits all include detailed instructions; you can also watch this short video below.

The Purposes of Hair Analysis: Testing the Hair for Minerals & Heavy Metals

  1. Cut new growth hair from the nape of the neck and back of the head (not just the tip).
  2. We request that you please cut hair from as close to the scalp as possible.
  3. Only the hair up to (2cm) ~ 0.78″ from the scalp is acceptable for use.
  4. A small amount of hair is all that is required to perform the test.
  5. About 0.5 grams of hair is required for analysis.
  6. Approximately half a heaped tablespoon full.
  7. Short, medium-length or long hair is suitable.
  8. A device is included with the test kits to measure the amount of hair required.

What happens after I order the mineral tests?

  • After payment, we will send the documents and forms required.
  • There is no registration required or need to make an appointment for the health test.
  • The hair mineral analysis-sampling procedure is easy, you don't have to go anywhere to get this carried out, you can do it at home.
  • A free post return address envelop is sent to you with full instructions for taking you hair samples included
  • There are no additional charges (Free shipping and handling via Royal Mail next day delivery).
  • After taking you hair samples, send them to the nutritional analysis laboratory for processing by the clinicians via the UK pre-paid postal envelope supplied.
  • You can trust us and have our assurance that customer service is a priority.
  • We focus on dispatching orders quickly, usually within 24 hours.

Just fill out your details in the request form.

After the request form and sample are returned to the lab, it normally takes up to 2 weeks to process and return the results to you.

Purchase your test kits today from a reputable service provider, the preferred choice for successful companies and individuals.

The tests are suitable for use by adults and children.

  1. Doctors, nurses or private clinician appointments are not required to use the tests.
  2. Knowledgeable, professional staff, excellent service, customer care and support.
  3. We are a leading supplier of medical tests on the web.
  4. Voted by our clients as the highest quality "hair mineral analysis" service.

Why Test for minerals?

A test that expresses the levels of various minerals (as described by this practical all round test), due to the fact a series of chemical reactions within our bodies cells rely on the sufficient quantity of specific nutrients being available.

Vitamins, you can measure levels of vitamins: A, B12, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E (we offer a total range) the functional objective of tests available for vitamin and minerals is to take measurements and reach and establish enhanced cell functioning by regulating and governing your body chemistry with specific single and multi-vitamins, synergistic minerals and nutrient supplement therapy.

The tests are step one to recognising your body’s vitamin and mineral fluctuations. Mineral analysis tests can show a person’s nutrient and mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity will also be revealed in the profiles.

Hair mineral analysis can reveal and help you to evaluate and clarify if you currently have high or low levels of certain minerals and vitamins.

For example analysis of hair reveals these nutrient elements: Calcium, Magnesium (utilised in protein synthesis), Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc (utilised in muscle growth), Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Sulphur, all essential elements needed by our body to function.

A hair mineral analysis chart shows you if you have elevated or depleted levels of these minerals, imbalances in minerals can contribute to serious medical conditions in someone, such as adrenal dysfunction and copper dysregulation.

Positive reasons the hair is tested with a kit include its potential to measure changes of all of these biologically essential elements and analyse, and alert you to dangers; excessive quantities of minerals can also build up, leading to difficulties in excreting them fast enough.

  1. Mineral absorption is critical for our bodies to function,
  2. Minerals are required in the right combination and ratio.

Why are toxic element deposits in the hair?

hair analysis

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to ever-increasing levels of toxic substances and heavy metals pollution. By detoxing, we can increase our vitality and health.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is not a diagnostic test, but rather an extremely effective method to screen for harmful elements and toxicity, having advantages over other types of screening.

Many undetected metal toxicities may be stored where they’re not supposed to be, in our internal organs, bones and brains; however, over time once they are mobilised in our system when performing a body detox, they are expressed in a hair tissue sample, you can then check for exposure to substances that contain high levels of trace and toxic elements.

Heavy metals toxicity can therefore be biologically monitored over a long time by performing HTMA coupled with a detoxification program. Removing toxins can help protect against damage from free radicals in the body.

Toxic metals can be responsible for body chemistry imbalances, can create a great deal of medical problems and have a major negative impact on your general health. You can check yourself for exposure to substances that contain high levels of trace and toxic elements with a hair test.

Importantly this procedure tests hair for signs of harmful materials including for example; high levels of Antimony, Uranium, Arsenic, Beryllium, Mercury ( eating fish being a source, copper and Mercury compounds in amalgam dental fillings), Cadmium, Lead and Aluminium (linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia), all detectable in hair strands.

The test additionally measures rare trace elements like nickel, vanadium and zirconium as well. Click this link to see a complete list of the Toxic elements checked for that this hair analysis chart is showing.

Toxic metals can leach in to the body and cause, be indicative of, involved in or responsible for a variety of undesirable symptoms and severe chronic conditions.

What are the causes of mineral imbalances?

There are a lot of influencing factors mentioned that can lead to or cause mineral deficiencies and imbalances.

A number of minerals are elemental for us to function and it is necessary the correct quantities are present in our bodies.

Understanding all of them are beyond the scope of this article, however I have highlighted a few common ones below:

  • People who consume a poor diet may require a source of supplementation and nutrient therapy to stay healthy.
  • Following an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or lack of sleep.
  • Eating food grown in poor soil that is void of natural minerals due to the overuse of fertilisers and modern agricultural practices or incorrectly storing food.
  • GM crops, the use of pesticides, over refined produce and food made with additives are just some of the reasons we no longer consume a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Water, our drinking water is treated with fluoride, and other additives that can cause toxicity in the water supply that reduces or depletes minerals from the water, natural spring water is usually richer in trace elements.
  • Infections can place stress on the body and lead to depletion in minerals in the gut.
  • Toxic chemicals used in household products and in industry can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb minerals.

Is hair mineral analysis accurate?

The effectiveness of the hair mineral analysis for showing mineral and element levels; it is a valid technique, however, the accuracy and validity of the tests is actually overlooked and misinterpreted sometimes. It is a worthwhile test, but is dependent on the lab being accurate; you are reliant on the labs correct interpretation of the results.

Research in to the science: hair mineral analysis has been ongoing for over 40 years, becoming ever more accurate, with doctors, data for practitioners using modern methods, improved HTMA procedures and the accuracy of laboratories has increased.

The important subject often discussed related to hair testing; whether it’s accurate is really regarding whether the lab washes the hair. Critics do not differentiate between procedures. Hair mineral analysis is very accurate and considered a valid tool, so long as the lab does not wash the hair, as when washed this removes some of the minerals.

It is important that the hair testing is conducted by reputable labs who do not wash the hair prior to performing the test (as this can wash away some of the minerals) for it to work.

Our samples are sent to Trace Elements Inc. (Licenced laboratory) who also commercially manufacture technologically advanced specialised nutritional substances. Founded by DR. David Watts the eminent leading proponent of the scientific procedure and premier hair mineral testing company.

Metabolic dysfunctions, study of trace mineral deficiencies, excesses, their interconnectedness and relationship to illness have been the subject of tissue mineral analysis for several experts for quite a few years.

Other proponents working on related concepts in this field of research include – Dr George Watson and his study of oxidation, Dr. Melvin Page and his work on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, Dr. William Albrecht’s work on mineral balancing programs and Dr. Hans Selve who has worked on the influences of stress.

Why test hair vs blood or urine test?

Hair is used instead of blood or urine because over several months, minerals and toxins can build up in the hair as it grows.

Hair offers you a reading over an extended period of time, in comparison to urine and blood tests that offer an immediate reading of the state of your body. For example, the time of day, if are active or not and if you have eaten can all influence urine or blood test results.

Each method has its values and merits; variation in the values of blood and urine tests for people is normal and extremely useful in some cases, but what about measuring elements in hair are these tests reliable?

For people seeking a long-term reading of their metabolic state and heavy metal toxicology, hair mineral analysis is reliable for these purposes, it is more reliably used to determine toxicity and as an indicator, it can provide helpful and meaningful results.

Check for minerals and toxic metals deposited in the interstitial spaces and cells of hair strands. Other disciplines also use mass spectrometry instruments including, DNA, drugs clinics, forensic medicine and the detection of toxic metals in pet animal fur, dogs and horses.

What are the reasons for taking vitamin and mineral supplements?

The reasons for taking mineral supplements include their involvement in enzyme reactions within your body, fuelled by essential vitamins and minerals.

Why profile vitamins and minerals? Health is known to be influenced by mineral ratios and their intake through specialised supplementation or diet is essential for life.

Numerous health care issues can be addressed and have a basis in mineral balances. Replenishing minerals can help correct health problems or prevent them manifesting due to inadequate quantities. Minerals are essential for the functions of the body's organs and soft tissues.

Unfortunately, an overload of some minerals can cause them to be stored in the body causing problems and require detoxing; others need to be replenished regularly, as they are not easily retained.

Excretion of excesses of some minerals is needed when the body does not necessarily need or cannot use them. The absorption of one mineral can be blocked by excess of another mineral, obtaining optimum mineral ratios requires skill and can be assisted by the test.

Why spend money on supplements if you don't know if they are effective? You can find out with a mineral check.

  • Nutrient deficiencies test to avoid imbalances, the purpose of the hair tests is to provide a blueprint that a person can follow to establish if they are suffering from overall nutrient imbalances with a simple test.
  • Allows you to determine if bad metal toxins are present in your body. A simple test for detecting toxicity in a hair follicle that leads to benefits not previously possible.

Understanding and identifying the hundreds and thousands of complex interactions of minerals to maintain homeostatic equilibrium is vital for perfect health.

Click here to see full details about the composition of the supplements (opens in new tab). A range of supporting vitamin, mineral, metabolic and adrenal nutritional supplements are also available, you can order hair mineral analysis online by post, from our website.

Important patient information and hair requirements

  • “Can a person who is bald submit beard hair or pubic hair?” Yes, but only the hair closest to the skin, older beard growth is not suitable.
  • Recently bleached, permed, dyed, coloured (Hair coloured with henna is OK) or treated hair may affect the outcome of the test, it is not suitable so please make sure it is not included in the required laboratory sample.
  • Alternatively ensure that a period of at least 8 weeks since colouring or treating the hair has passed before taking the test.
  • You can still purchase the test now and return it any time in the future, for processing.

Toxic metal and mineral analysis research papers

Hair can be tested because it is one of the places that stores up deposits of elements. Learning from the evidence presented is easy.

You can read about it in the reference material relating to toxic metal and mineral analysis published in high quality respected medical journals and publications. Environmental exposure and absorption of chemicals that contain hidden toxic elements can build-up over time and lead to bioaccumulation within the brain, organs and tissues.

Poisoning and contamination from toxic elements and their impact are often in the news; they have been shown to have serious implications for your health.

Hair analysis independent peer-reviewed medical papers and health surveys conducted by biochemists have concluded there is a possible correlation between elements found in hair samples and your health.

Academic papers and the latest news and media stories relating to hair mineral analysis are referred to below. Research, how do you choose? A real person explains why they have become a proponent. I would like you to consider the views of academics, to help you to evaluate if this complementary procedure is right for you.

For example, blood pathology to detect abnormalities in the human body tissue is useful, but according to the research below, hair is as a useful biomarker and has unique benefits. A look at the relationship between occupational exposures to lead concluded "analysis showed an exponential accumulation of the lead content in hair." [1]

Another study found "Hair mercury levels were highly significantly correlated with organ Hg levels." [2]

In addition, "high mercury concentration in hair tissue may indicate increased risk of metabolic syndrome." [3]

Research conducted using samples from five different countries concluded that arsenic and selenium could be reliably measured. "The results demonstrate the viability of hair as a non-invasive bio monitor in assessing aspects of dietary Se and environmental As exposure." [4]

"Heavy metals and toxic elements (aluminium, lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic) can also be important biomarkers of cancer diseases. The data gathered in our study showed that the concentrations of aluminium and cadmium in hair were elevated in all groups of cancer patients. On the basis of the obtained results it seems safe to conclude that these trace elements in hair may be regarded as tumour biomarkers and prognostic factors for various cancer groups". [5]

Chromium exposure in dental procedures found "the content of Cr was statistically significantly higher during the treatment than before the beginning of therapy." [6]

An examination of the exposure to mercury through dentistry "data from this preliminary study suggest that amalgam-based dental treatment during pregnancy is associated with higher prenatal exposure to mercury, particularly in cases of amalgam removal and replacement." [7]

Detecting atomic absorption of zinc by analysing high or low zinc levels in a human hair is an efficient way to assess zinc status, through an extensive peer reexamination of over 40 hair analysis studies, looking at reference values of elements in hair; "confirms that in healthy individuals, plasma, urinary, and hair zinc are reliable biomarkers of zinc status." [8]

Research has looked at insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome. This scientific studies "findings suggest that hair mineral concentrations, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and potassium concentrations, may play a role in the development of insulin resistance." [9]

This body study "showed reduced hair mineral concentrations in young girls with a more unhealthy metabolic profile. Positive associations were observed between some minerals and BMI and BF%" [10] (body fat).

Zinc deficiency can result in serious clinical problems with relation to the gastrointestinal (GI) system and can affect healthy growth and development in children.

This research found that; "Hair zinc and mineral analyses are useful as a therapeutic guide in the clinical investigation of children with malnutrition and poor growth. Clinical symptoms were resolved in most children after zinc supplementation." [11]

A correlation between high calcium-magnesium ratios in hair samples in middle-aged and elderly people was noted: "The association between coronary artery calcification and hair calcium-magnesium ratio is stronger in those with a higher calcium-magnesium ratio in hair than in those with a lower ratio." [12]

This study found relationships between elements in hair samples and ADHD "Levels of 39 bio elements in hair were measured by ICP-MS. Among the analysed bio elements, Cu/Zn and P/Zn ratios in ADHD children were significantly lower than those in healthy children. Indeed, increased hair Zn level was correlated with more symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and total ADHD symptoms." [13]

This exhaustive study compiled the results from over 400 references related to the bio concentration and accumulation of selected toxic trace metals. "If hair and nail samples are collected, cleaned, and analysed properly with the best analytical methods under controlled conditions by experienced personnel, the data are valid. Human hair and nails have been found to be meaningful representative tissues for biological monitoring", for most toxic metals. [14]

There may be a connection with other deteriorating health problems, issues, medical conditions and allergies in relation to mineral levels in hair and toxins not listed here.

Comment about health tests

We do not want to make wrong and controversial statements, obviously, we do not say the test kit is a way to heal you, eliminate acute pain.

Nor make amazing false claims or improper statements about the huge progress you will make (read our T's and C's disclaimer).

We do ask you to consider the research, educate yourself by looking at the wealth of literature, press and books about the applications of tissue mineral analysis.

How does it work before you take action or make any choices or decisions?

We also recommend you investigate the wide-ranging beneficial aspects of similar holistic complementary health practices so you have first-hand experience of their benefits and how they work.

  • Question. Do you know where I can find the location of the link to get a hair analysis test; can you tell me where I should go?
  • Answer. To get this done, you can please simply Click here.

Cost. What does hair analysis hTMA cost?

The cost of the hair mineral analysis is £52.50 to £69.00, payable via the website shop. Each client can pay for as many follow up tests as they want, available at a discount.

Tests for more than just minerals, when you submit a sample of hair for testing, the test can also help you save money, as you can be more specific about the supplements you take.

When you average it out you end up spending less and gaining the most nutritional value. Where it was possible, due to improvements of overall health, some clients have ended up saving money on healthcare.


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Analysing the individual functions of elements

If you feel run down, you might rely on drinking coffee for a caffeine hit. Alternatively, perhaps rely on sleeping pills, prescription drugs or drinking alcohol to unwind.

Intelligent people know that using such products have a negative impact on our natural biochemistry, causing all sorts of biochemical imbalances.

This is the incorrect way to influence our biochemistry, controlling it like this can cause all sorts of unpleasant health problems.

You can experience the advantages of balancing biochemistry, a skill that can be perfected using hair mineral analysis.

The smartest way of controlling our biochemistry is by regulating energy with minerals, with the assistance of HTMA.

By simply controlling our nutritional intake and diet, taking the right types of supplements and other natural remedies, to assist our bodies in detoxifying and reducing the harm of an unhealthy lifestyle.

You will increase your ability to concentrate, feel full of vitality, and help to regulate your metabolic rate to reduce your weight, feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Rational people who want to experience top mental and physical functioning, such as people who run their own business, people who exercise regularly, those who want or need to be on top of their game.

The highly active who enjoy being full of vitality, leading experts and perceptive people, appreciate the benefits of good nutrition and its ability to have an impact on their day to day functions.

If you can perfectly balance your biochemistry with the help of HTMA, you can enjoy your life to the max and increase your health and vitality.

So are you interested in taking the test, well how do you go about getting one?

Hair analysis is done by collecting a hair sample and posting it to a laboratory. The test is done on the hair after you submit your sample of hair.

All you have to do is fill out the request form.

Note: The profile report is available for downloading in an Adobe .pdf format and delivered to you via email.

If you have a printer, you can make a copy of the sample profiles for referral and make notes.

You can download adobe reader for free to read this .pdf report on your computer.

After the mineral test is conducted, the advantages and benefits of the mineral test and its importance in understanding nutrition status cannot be understated; it will be self-evident when you view the report.

After the data from the test is returned to you: If you have questions about the results of your hair analysis, our qualified nutritionist who's looked at 1000’s of tests will be available to advise you.

This is helpful as they can help explain the information in the report, they can also answer frequently asked questions.

Based on the guidelines outlined in the test, with the right range of supplements you can support a natural food diet.

The test is ideal for those already consulting a nutritionist, naturopath or health care professional.

  1. Hair mineral analysis will provide invaluable facts to help them with food intolerance, adrenal fatigue or an allergy.
  2. We have the status of being trusted by certified and accredited nutritionists.
  • Measuring minerals and vitamins and check mineral imbalances.
  • Find out more about the specifications and features of the tests.

I would like to know more about nutritional vitamin and mineral interactions and toxicities the hair mineral analysis shows:-

  • What metals and environmental toxins are detected by the tests that are deposited in the hair,
  • Further information about a detox program,
  • Proceeding to measure what metals are removed when you are detoxing,
  • Instructions for use.

If there is anything you do not understand or you have any, other questions about the nutritional test, we are happy to provide you with any more information you need.

Please click here to email us and request more info, alternatively give us a call, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.

Please speak to a doctor from your local surgery for a consultation if you have any concerns before using the tests.
Taking medicine or have any pre-existing medical problems? If using hair mineral analysis please reach out to the NHS.